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News by Cunningham Real Estate Group

Las Vegas Housing Prices Dip 0.9% in July

August 12, 2015 @ 5:55 pm

According to a new report from the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors, Las Vegas housing resale prices dipped slightly in July with the median sales price at $218,000, down by 0.9 percent from the month prior but still up 9 percent f...

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Part 5 of the Home-Buying Process: Closing the Sale

August 5, 2015 @ 6:45 pm

Ready to close the sale?  There are a few things you might want to know on the way... First off, you'll deal with a title officer who will help you review and organize all the documents you will need to close. There will be loads of paperwo...

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Part 4 of the Home-Buying Process: The Offer

July 28, 2015 @ 6:39 pm

Once you've worked with your REALTOR® to figure out the home and price that's right for you, it's time to make your offer! First, you and your REALTOR® will submit an offer sheet which will then be presented to the seller and listing age...

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Part 3 of the Home-Buying Process: The Search

July 22, 2015 @ 6:18 pm

Once you've acquired your pre-approval letter and are familiar with what you can afford, it's finally time to begin the anxiously awaited house hunt! This is the fun part. First, you'll need to consider your most pressing requirements includ...

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Part 2 of the Homebuyer Process: Mortgage Lending 101

July 14, 2015 @ 6:18 pm

If you're like most homebuyers and don't have the cash to pay up front for a home, the first thing you'll need to do is seek out a competitively-priced loan for your buying needs. This can be done by finding yourself a mortgage lender. The l...

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Step 1: Know When You’re Ready to Buy

July 8, 2015 @ 7:03 pm

Take home tip: "Plan for the house you can afford now, not later!" Knowing when you're ready, also known as the first step of the home buying process - is something I always push to every home buyer. If buyers bought when "they" were ready i...

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10 Most Undervalued Housing Markets

July 2, 2015 @ 5:50 pm

Las Vegas made #3 on CNN Money's latest "10 Most Undervalued Housing Markets" List! According to the list, from 2006-2010 median home prices in Las Vegas were 40.55% less than the national average! CNN Money also noted that new home c...

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Las Vegas Seeing Growth in Low Down Payment Mortgages

June 25, 2015 @ 4:50 pm

According to a recent report from RealtyTrac, the number of Clark County borrowers making low down payments jumped to 36 percent in the first quarter, up 31 percent from the year before. As a result, Clark County had the third-lowest down p...

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It’s Getting More Expensive to be a Renter

June 9, 2015 @ 4:26 pm

According to a recent report from Zillow, rents in April were 4% higher than a year before. This outpaced home prices which rose by 3% and was the fastest increase in two years. In Las Vegas specifically, rent prices rose 2.1% in April from las...

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