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Archive for January 31, 2020

Airbnb stays up 19% last year in Clark County

As we have started Airbnb Property Management on our team, its' clear its becoming a more popular option for homeowners. It remains illegal in much of Clark County (restricted heavily in the city of Las Vegas). We have expanded our property ...

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Rates at ridiculous lows

When is a good time to buy? Usually when rates are at ridiculous lows. Long term interest rates are now in the 3.6% range (rates depending on each borrowers credit, down payment terms, and type of financing). This is about 1% lower than th...

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Las Vegas Valley Market Reports for January 15, 2020

Market inventory has begun to slip downward as we start of 2020 hot. The inventory of homes is down to 52.2 days - the lower than at any point in 2019 and the lowest level overall since September 2018. This indicates prices are likely to begi...

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Mortgage Rates Fall Further, Buyers rush into 2020

By Shawn Cunningham CNBC reports low rates and a hot real estate market has helped buyer sentiment remain high in December 2019. We have internally tracked an uptick in market activity as the holiday season skipped its traditional s...

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Las Vegas Valley Market Reports for January 8, 2020

Our latest CREG market trackers are here! Click the graphs below for updates on the market pricing and market inventory. What is a Conventional Loan: It is a mortgage that is not guaranteed or insured by any government agency. It is typical...

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